Learn why and how to rightsize your packaging! Your CFO, your customers, and your planet will love you for it!

If you only do one thing, rightsize your packaging!

Rightsizing can cut  your transportation and packaging costs, waste and emissions by 10% or more! Even better, it’s easy for you to adopt with pricing  starting at as low as “free”!

Keep reading for a quick overview of the benefits and different types of solutions, or check out:

  1. Detailed Solution Overview: Compare the different types of solutions by implementation ease, impact, costs, pricing models, target customers, and vendors.
  2. The Billion Ton Opportunity: Learn how rightsizing could result in the avoidance of over a billion-tons of emissions along with billions in savings for shippers and carriers.
Why Rightsize 

  • Reduce packaging costs by 10%+: More corrugate, more costs. Smaller boxes, less corrugate and void fill. One international retailer reported a $1.3M in packaging savings from a single DC.
  • Reduce transportation Costs by 10%+: Extra packaging impacts results in heavier packages, increased dimensional charges and can trigger oversized charges. The same retailer reported a $.50-$.60 savings per piece for an annual $450K ireduction in transportation charges.
  • Reduce corrugate by 20%+ : One shipper reported avoiding the equivalent of 60 acres of cardboard, and another 5,600 trees worth of cardboard. Paccurate reports about 1 ft^2/ 0.09m^2 corrugate saved per carton.
  • Reduce dunnage/void fill: Less empty space means less empty space to fill with paper and plastic void fill.
  • Increase transportation capacity: Each 1% reduction in package size equals a 1% increase in trailer capacity. One international retailer reported increasing their trailer fill rates from 800 to 1,400 per trailer, a 75% increase in capacity, and Paccurate reports an average 16% capacity increase.
  • Reduce transportation impacts: Planes and trucks almost always cube out before they weigh out. Reducing the size of your shipments, reduces the number of trucks and planes required, e.g. one shipper reported from a single location, requiring 90 less truckloads, and analysis for a large carrier showed that in just one market, it could reduce its fuel usage by 2M gallons and their costs by over $10 million annually for each 1% reduction in  average package size.
  • Improve Customer Experience: Customers hate oversized boxes. Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are filled with consumer rants about oversized packaging.
  • Reduce claims: Oversized packaging can result in increased claims from the items moving around inside the box. One shipper that had a huge claim problem, reported that after implementing a right sizing solution their claims dropped to almost zero.
  • Reduce packaging disposal impacts: While a large percentage of corrugate is recycled, recycling still takes energy and you can’t infinitely recycle corrugated material. The plastic pouches used for void fill mostly can’t be recycled and so just adds to our plastic trash crisis.

Now that you understand the benefits, check out our Rightsizing Solutions Chart to compare the different types of solutions by implementation ease, impact, costs, pricing models, target customers, and vendors.

It covers everything from solutions to help you buy the rightsize boxes, software that identifies the optimum box size and on demand packaging system that create boxes on the fly to pack and ship systems that completely automate the packing and labeling of shipments as well!

In addition, it features links to Paccurate, Mozula, Packsize, CMC, Westrock Box on Demand, PAC Machinery and Spark Technologies.