Logistics Sustainability and Cost Savings 101

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Learn about how sustainable logistics, green packaging, solar energy and other tactics can slash your costs and emissions.

Over the course of an hour, you will learn how to cut your:

  1. Average parcel shipment cost by over $2
  2. Transportation greenhouse-gas-emissions by 40% or more
  3. Corrugate usage by over 20%
  4. Energy bills by over 10%
  5. And much, much more.

Unlike other sustainability courses that focus on complex ESG strategies or carbon accounting standards, our class focuses strictly on how small and medium shippers can quickly and easily slash their costs and emissions. 

Tyler Cole, host of the FreightWaves’ Net-Zero Carbon podcast, and Kevin Mireles, founder of CutCO2.net, combine their 30+ years of sustainable supply chain experience to provide simple, actionable insights you can use to save money and the planet.

In just one short hour, we will:

  1. Introduce you to key green logistics concepts 
  2. Share the top ten things you can do to both cut costs and your carbon emissions
  3. Provide you with a list of vetted vendors
  4. Give you easy-to-read reference materials to help you on your journey
  5. Connect you with other senior leaders on their sustainability journey

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Below is a sneak peak of some of the topics and insights we’ll provide!

Green packaging

Rightsize your packaging! 

If you are a shipper, adopting new rightsizing technology is probably the simplest and most impactful thing you can do to cut your costs and environmental impact. 

The average package is somewhere between 20 to 40% or more empty space, impacting your bottom line and the environment. Fortunately, there are solutions for every size business and scenario. They  range from using software to identify which boxes to stock all the way to automated pack and ship systems that literally build a box around the item being shipped, largely eliminating  the need for packers.

Sample benefits include:

  • 10 to 30%+ reduction in corrugate spend
  • 10 to 50%+  reduction in cubic volume
  • 5 to 30%+  savings in parcel transportation spend

Green Logistics

Optimize distribution center placement

 If you fulfill nationally from either coast, especially the west coast, moving your distribution center closer to the center of the US population can slash your transportation costs by 10 to 20% and emissions by up to 40%. Even better, if you are only fulfilling from a single DC, moving from one DC to two DCs can cut your transportation emissions by up to 70% and costs up to 40%.

In the process, you’ll chop  your average transit time, reducing the need to use express shipping, helping your bottom line and the environment even further. 

Stop shipping via plane and start shipping by train

The average air shipment is somewhere between 10 to 50 times more polluting than an equivalent truck shipment and xx than a rail shipment, due to both pollution intensity per mile and the hub-and-spoke model of UPS and FedEx, which often results in packages traveling 2 to 5X the distance of a truck trip. 

Despite the fact that UPS and FedEx have over 100,000 trucks and less than 1,500 planes, air shipments represent nearly 65% of their reported  emissions. 

Solar energy and energy efficiency

Use the Inflation Reduction Act to become more energy efficient and adopt solar

Starting in 2023 you’ll be eligible for additional tax credits to slash the upfront costs of implementing energy efficiency enhancements, adopting solar and buying electric vehicles. 

Small businesses, often defined as companies with less than 500 employees or under $30M, can receive tax credits worth up to:

  1. 30% of the cost of switching over to low-cost solar power. 
  2. $5 per square foot to support energy efficiency improvements 
  3. 30% or up to $40K towards the purchase costs for clean commercial vehicles, like electric and fuel cell models.

Even better, new financing models enable you to bundle the cost of upgrades into your property tax bills so that both the enhancements and debt stays with the property, transforming utility bills into predictable lower-cost capital expenses. 

Get started now to help your profits and the planet!

As you look to cut costs and profitably compete in a new, more cutthroat market, sustainability represents the perfect opportunity to differentiate your business, excite your employees and enhance your bottom line while improving the planet. 

Remember, many of the Fortune 500, including Walmart, Amazon and Target, have all committed to cut their greenhouse gas emissions to zero, and the only way they’re going to achieve their goals is through their suppliers, so get ahead of the competition and start slashing your emissions and costs now.