Green + Lean = Sustainability + Profitability

It’s time to integrate green into your lean practices!


1. Lean is all about waste elimination and “Reduce” is a key component of sustainability, marrying the two is a no brainer!
2. There is already a green lean framework that merges sustainability into lean processes, like value stream mapping. 
3. There are 100/1000x more lean practitioners than sustainability staff in most organizations.


If organizations and chief sustainability officers want a low-cost way to drive sustainability into their organizations, then integrating green components into their existing lean efforts seems like a no brainer.

Piggy backing on existing initiatives and frameworks like lean will be critical for sustainability organizations to expand beyond their reporting siloes and begin to impact the day-to-day operations and strategies that actually drive sustainability.

We cannot wait for new technologies to save us and achieve our promised emissions reductions. 

In the short term we need to be laser focused on how to drive waste out of our operations, so check out this article How Lean Can Help You Go Green by Gary Cundill and Rose Heathcote from the Lean Enterprise Institute. Link is in the comments. 

So stop wasting time, go green with lean!


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